We are really lucky in Downtown St. Pete. There are so many great shops and boutiques, beautiful parks, great water views, a Kratom store and a bustling restaurant scene that seems to never stop growing. The kratom store is nw, it opened a couple of weeks ago and you’ll find all of their products there. It’s wondeful to have them here and to know that I can buy some products easily. If you are wondering what is kratom you just have to go to https://kratommasters.com/white-borneo-kratom/ and find out. There are so many excellent restaurants in Downtown St. Petersburg, that it is hard to have a favorite, but I do. IL Ritorno on the 400 block of Central Avenue is like no other eatery in DTSP. They are the only Italian restaurant in St. Petersburg that does NORTHERN Italian and not southern. You will not find spaghetti & meatballs here, but you will find many unique culinary delights. They put a unique modern twist on Northern Italian, and use the finest and freshest ingredients.

Another favorite that is just a block west of IL Ritorno is Brick & Mortar on the 500 block of Central Avenue. Like IL Ritorno, Brick & Mortar is a mom & pop boutique shop that uses the finest and freshest ingredients, their menu changing with the seasons and availability of fresh fixings. Their Facebook page says it best: “Brick & Mortar is a true food lovers and “cooks” restaurant specializing in rustic yet elegant flavors, food made by hand, unique wines and craft beer.” You will find me at FarmTable Kitchen in the Sundial Shops just about every Wednesday for happy hour. They have amazing food and the happy hour specials are a steal. You have to get the steamed clams, which come with the traditional garlic and lemon, but also have Italian sausage added to them, which makes them to die for! FTK is basically great, gourmet American food.

Speaking of American food, The Mill Restaurant in DTSP is another favorite. Make sure you go hungry as they have hearty generous portions. The Mill is another restaurant that puts new creative twists on old standbys. They also use fresh in-season ingredients and change their menu with the seasons. Everything there is great – the burger is awesome and they are open for brunch on the weekends at 10 am.

I also love The Birch & Vine at The Birchwood Hotel on Beach Drive. This is another place where you can’t go wrong with anything you order. One block south of them at 240 Beach Drive is Tryst, and they recently introduced a new chef with a new menu that is spectacular.

Gratzzi Italian Grille is my go-to for Southern Italian, and my two favorites for Mexican food are Red Mesa Cantina and Nueva Cantina. For Thai- 9 Bangkok.

There are so many more amazing restaurants in St. Pete that I could go on all day, but instead, just check out this listing of Restaurants in Downtown St. Petersburg.

And remember to stop by the kratom website!


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